<p>Savor digs into how people live and how they eat – and why. Hosts Anney Reese and Lauren Vogelbaum interview the culinary creators and consumers of the world, exploring the science, history, and culture of food and drink, all with a key question in mind: Why do we like what we like, and how can we find more of those things?</p>


Title Date published
Candy Hearts: Recipe for Love 2018-02-02
This Episode Is Bananas 2018-01-31
FoodStuff Takes the Cupcake 2018-01-26
Absinthe: The FoodStuff Green Hour 2018-01-24
Garlic: A Stinking Rose By Any Other Name 2018-01-19
The McDonald's McEpisode 2018-01-17
Sweet Nothings: The Science of Artificial Sweeteners 2018-01-12
The Lasting Power of Fad Diets: Part Deux 2018-01-10
The Lasting Power of Fad Diets: Part 1 2018-01-05
The Jumbled Story of Jambalaya 2018-01-03
Licorice: Heard It Through the Red Vines 2017-12-29
New Year’s Food Traditions: Eating for Luck and Money 2017-12-27
Cheddar: Insert Cheesy Title Here 2017-12-22
The Not-So-Gratuitous Tipping Episode 2017-12-20
A Hard Look at Soft Drinks 2017-12-15
Stop and (Don't) Smell the Durian 2017-12-13
Raise a Glass to Toasting 2017-12-08
Chock Full of Chocolate 2017-12-06
Cocktail Hour: Mai Tai 2017-12-01
We Are All Jelly Doughnuts 2017-11-29

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