Savor digs into how people live and how they eat – and why. Hosts Anney Reese and Lauren Vogelbaum interview the culinary creators and consumers of the world, exploring the science, history, and culture of food and drink, all with a key question in mind: Why do we like what we like, and how can we find more of those things?


Title Date published
The Pea Pod(cast) 2018-08-10
Oh Ship: The Cruise Food Episode 2018-08-09
Oh Snap: The Gingerbread Episode 2018-08-03
The Almighty Cod 2018-08-01
Dispensing the Facts on Vending Machines 2018-07-27
Tea Time: Pinkies Out with Julia Skinner 2018-07-25
Phonominal Pho 2018-07-20
FoodStuff Fairy Tales: 'Goblin Market' 2018-07-19
A Bountiful Look at the Breadfruit 2018-07-13
Cocktail Hour: The Daiquiri 2018-07-11
FoodStuff's Spin on Cotton Candy 2018-07-06
FoodStuff Gets Frank About Hot Dogs 2018-07-04
Basil: Herb Your Enthusiasm 2018-06-29
The Un-Chill Story of Quiescently Frozen Confections 2018-06-27
A Fresh Look at the Cucumber 2018-06-22
On the Road with FoodStuff 2018-06-20
The Fishy Tale of Worcestershire Sauce 2018-06-15
The Spread of Peanut Butter 2018-06-13
The Can-Do Story of the Can Opener 2018-06-08
Bourbon: Talking (Wild) Turkey 2018-06-06

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