Savor digs into how people live and how they eat – and why. Hosts Anney Reese and Lauren Vogelbaum interview the culinary creators and consumers of the world, exploring the science, history, and culture of food and drink, all with a key question in mind: Why do we like what we like, and how can we find more of those things?


Title Date published
The (Non)Science Behind Juice Cleanses 2017-04-28
Much Ado About Brunch 2017-04-21
FoodStuff Is Moving to Fridays 2017-04-19
Bloody Marys: Dubious Historically and Hangoverly 2017-04-12
Yogurt: More Than Just Bacteria Poop 2017-04-05
Defrosting Frozen Food 2017-03-29
The Unsweetened History and Technology of Sugar 2017-03-22
Sugar and Your Health 2017-03-15
Cauliflower: Fractaliscious and Nutritious 2017-03-08
Champagne (and Sparkling Wine) 2017-03-01
FoodStuff: Episode Zero 2017-02-23

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