Calm Down With Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson is all about the conversations you would have with your friends when you think others aren't listening. It's like a text chain put into a podcast. This is the place where Erin and Charissa get real, and no subject is off limits. It’s a “pull back the curtain” look into their lives, while they also ask questions about everyone else’s. Get ready for unfiltered conversations between two girlfriends about life, gossip, sports, and pretty much every random topic that needs to be dissected. Get ready to Calm Down with Erin and Charissa.


Title Date published
Episode 8: Listeners Live 2021-04-15
Episode 7: EA & CT Answer Your Questions Plus Dr. Oz! 2021-04-08
Episode 6: Popaholics Anonymous with Dr. Sandra Lee 2021-04-01
Episode 5: Erin Goes Full-On Fangirl with Jonathan Knight 2021-03-25
Episode 4: Drinking Azaleas and Making Cameos with Steven Galanis 2021-03-18
Episode 3: Are You Actually Friends? 2021-03-04
Episode 2: Stories From The Road While Covering The NFL 2021-02-25
Episode 1: Kevin Hart 2021-02-17
Introducing: Calm Down with Erin and Charissa 2021-02-08

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