Best friends Joel and Matt believe that when you handle your money in a purposeful, thoughtful way that works for your lifestyle, you can really start living a rich life.


Title Date published
Falling Interest Rates & Real Estate Investing in the Covid Era #210 2020-06-05
Yes, You Can Negotiate Your Bills #209 2020-06-03
Ask HTM - Applying for a Credit Card with Frozen Credit, Paying Down Student Loans vs Investing, and Purchasing a Used Card without a Local Bank #208 2020-06-01
Affordable Used Cars & the Future of Office Life #207 2020-05-29
Financial Advisors Aren't All Bad #206 2020-05-27
Fighting to Give Consumers Leverage with Richard Cordray #205 2020-05-25
Changing Healthcare Plans & Graduating in the Middle of a Pandemic #204 2020-05-22
Career Pivoting in a Changing Economy #203 2020-05-20
Ask HTM - Timing a Roth IRA Conversion, Attacking Debt or Saving for Retirement, and Budgeting for Housing Expenses #202 2020-05-18
Where to Look for a New Job & Is More Stimulus Money Coming? #201 2020-05-15
Investing In a Volatile Market #200 2020-05-13
Where to Turn for Debt and Budget Help with Thomas Nitzsche #199 2020-05-11
Frugality is Cool Again and Bike Riding Surges #198 2020-05-08
Battling Money Anxiety #197 2020-05-06
Ask HTM - Ditching a Crappy High-Paying Job, Student Loan Refinancing, and Investing with Fundrise #196 2020-05-04
Credit Card Companies Cutting Limits and Postponing Mortgage Payments #195 2020-05-01
To Refi or Not to Refi? #194 (Bestie Ep) 2020-04-29
Couple’s Finances and Weathering Financial Storms with Farnoosh Torabi #193 2020-04-27
Reopening the Economy and Getting Refunds #192 2020-04-24
Money Chores to Crush During Quarantine #191 2020-04-22

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