Best friends Joel and Matt believe that when you handle your money in a purposeful, thoughtful way that works for your lifestyle, you can really start living a rich life.


Title Date published
Cutting Expenses in Times of Financial Distress #185 2020-04-08
Ask HTM - Becoming a Single Income Household, Higher Costs in a Big City, and Long-Term Care Insurance #184 2020-04-06
Important CARES Act Details and Why There’s No TP in Stores #183 2020-04-03
Working From Home Without Going Crazy #182 2020-04-01
Cooking at Home on a Budget with Beth Moncel #181 2020-03-30
Covid-19 Stimulus Checks, Unemployment, & Small Business Help #180 2020-03-27
Behavioral Money Tendencies that Wreck Us #179 2020-03-25
Ask HTM - Day Trading, Student Credit Cards, and Utilizing a VA Loan to Purchase a Home #178 2020-03-23
Coronavirus Economic Woes, Job insecurity, & Staying Afloat #177 2020-03-20
Different Approaches to Budgeting #176 2020-03-18
Simple and Smart Investing with JL Collins #175 2020-03-16
The Coronavirus, Market Volatility, and Your Money #174 2020-03-13
Striving for Work-Life Balance #173 2020-03-11
Ask HTM - Cash Management Accounts, Paying $9500 to Ditch a Crappy Job, the Rule of 173 Explained #172 2020-03-09
The Tradeoffs of Driving an Electric Car #171 2020-03-04
Navigating College Decisions with Elisia Howard #170 2020-03-02
How to get Great Customer Service (Bestie) #169 2020-02-26
Ask HTM - Paying Off Balance Transfer Cards, Emergency Funds while House Hacking, and What to do when Inheriting a 401k #168 2020-02-24
Are Experiences Better Than Stuff? #167 2020-02-19
Achieving Financial Independence in the Military with Doug Nordman #166 2020-02-17

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