<p>Best friends Joel and Matt believe that when you handle your money in a purposeful, thoughtful way that works for your lifestyle, you can really start living a rich life.</p>


Title Date published
The Power of Investing in Yourself #119 2019-09-04
Growing up on $0.44 a Day to Worldwide Traveler with Kristy Shen #118 2019-09-02
Debunking Conventional Financial Advice #117 2019-08-28
Ask HTM - Long Distance Landlording, Pros and Cons to Bankruptcy, and Getting My 20 Year Old Sister Investing #116 2019-08-26
The High Cost of Loyalty #115 2019-08-21
Having Essential Money Conversations with your Parents with Cameron Huddleston #114 2019-08-19
Rebuilding a Rough Credit Score #113 2019-08-14
Ask HTM - Money from an Auto Insurance Claim, Investing During an Impending Recession, and Compounding within a Portfolio #112 2019-08-12
Why You Need a New Hobby #111 2019-08-07
Automating Your Money and Negotiating like a Boss with Ramit Sethi #110 2019-08-05
Why are we Saving for Retirement, Again? #109 2019-07-31
Ask HTM - House Hacking, Teaching Kids About Money, and Small Business Banking #108 2019-07-29
Cutting the Cord and the Best Streaming Options #107 2019-07-24
A Nasty Case of Healthcare Costs with Dan Weissmann #106 2019-07-22
Are HSAs the Best Retirement Account? #105 2019-07-17
Ask HTM - Cutting Costs by Replacing Light Bulbs, Negotiating a Lower Credit Card APR, and Peer to Peer Lending #104 2019-07-15
Before You Click 'Buy' On Your Next Online Purchase #103 2019-07-10
Avoiding Money Fights, with Andy Hill #102 2019-07-08
Celebrating Diverse Views of Financial Independence #101 2019-07-03
Ask HTM - Paying Off a Debt in Collections, Investing via Fundrise, and Buying a New Electric Truck #100 2019-07-01

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