Best friends Joel and Matt believe that when you handle your money in a purposeful, thoughtful way that works for your lifestyle, you can really start living a rich life.


Title Date published
A Nasty Case of Healthcare Costs with Dan Weissmann #106 2019-07-22
Are HSAs the Best Retirement Account? #105 2019-07-17
Ask HTM - Cutting Costs by Replacing Light Bulbs, Negotiating a Lower Credit Card APR, and Peer to Peer Lending #104 2019-07-15
Before You Click 'Buy' On Your Next Online Purchase #103 2019-07-10
Avoiding Money Fights, with Andy Hill #102 2019-07-08
Celebrating Diverse Views of Financial Independence #101 2019-07-03
Ask HTM - Paying Off a Debt in Collections, Investing via Fundrise, and Buying a New Electric Truck #100 2019-07-01
The Benefits of Knowing Your Hourly Rate #099 2019-06-26
A Game Changing Approach to Financial Education with Dan LaSalle #098 2019-06-24
Socially Responsible Investing #097 2019-06-19
Ask HTM - Couples Combining Their Money, Chasing High Interest Rates, and Changing Tax Withholdings to Pay Debt #096 2019-06-17
Rules for Mindful Spending #095 2019-06-12
How Your Behavior Impacts Your Finances with Dr. Daniel Crosby #094 2019-06-10
Why Warehouse Clubs Might Be Awesome #093 2019-06-05
Ask HTM - Moving Forward with a Credit Freeze, Variable or Fixed Rate Mortgages, Car Insurance Woes #092 2019-06-03
Fees Will Kill Your Retirement Savings #091 2019-05-29
Valuing Time with Laura Vanderkam #090 2019-05-27
The Best Cars for Frugal Folks #089 2019-05-22
Ask HTM - Side Hustle Apps, Multiple Roth IRAs, and Collecting Rent #088 2019-05-20
Slashing Your Monthly Utility Bills #087 2019-05-15

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