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Title Date published
Our RPG Backlogs of Shame and More 2024-07-15
The Darkest Moments in RPGs 2024-07-08
2024 So Far, Dawntrail, and More! 2024-07-01
Shadow of the Erdtree, Nintendo Direct, FFVI, and More! w/ Mitchell Saltzman 2024-06-24
Dragon Age Impressions and SGF Epilogue w/ Brenden Groom 2024-06-17
Summer Games Fest, Xbox Showcase, and More! 2024-06-11
State of Play, Summer Games Event Preview, and More! 2024-06-03
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Review w/ Logan Plant 2024-05-27
Mailbag! Why Persona 5 Got Mad Popular in the West, and Does Kiryu Make Sweet Love? 2024-05-20
We're Very Worried About Xbox RPGs Now 2024-05-13
Can Square Enix Be Saved and Does It Need Saving? 2024-05-06
Fallout 4 Mini-Pantheon, Metaphor GOTY '24? 2024-04-29
Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Review w/ Lucas White 2024-04-22
Is The Fallout TV Show Any Good? 2024-04-15
RPGs and Fighting Games w/ Mitchell Saltzman and Brenden Groom 2024-04-08
Dragon's Dogma 2 Review w/ Jesse Vitelli 2024-04-01
Retronauts X AotBG: Toriyama’s Legacy, Dragon’s Dogma, No Baldur’s Gate 4, and the 90s 2024-03-26
Unicorn Overlord Review, FF7 Rebirth Dating, And More 2024-03-19
Paying Tribute to Akira Toriyama, Unicorn Overlord, and More 2024-03-11
Does Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Have the Best Characters in the Series? Plus: Layoffs, Balatro, and More 2024-03-04

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