Welcome to the new normal. For so many of us around the globe, our lives have been forever changed by the coronavirus. And we will never be the same. On Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays for the foreseeable future, Neon Hum's Jonathan Hirsch will bring you stories of people who are far away...up close. Stories of how each of us are learning to live through this pandemic.


Title Date published
Education: Should You Sue Your College? 2020-07-03
Education: Homeroom 2020-07-01
Education: Pre-K In A Pandemic 2020-06-29
The Science Of Happiness With Laurie Santos 2020-06-26
Deaf Anxiety 2020-06-24
On The Front Lines 2020-06-22
Black Lives: Juneteenth With Soledad O'Brien 2020-06-19
Black Lives: Tik-Toking Your Wokeness 2020-06-17
Black Lives: Two Pandemics 2020-06-15
Pride And Black Lives With Zach Stafford 2020-06-05
My Dad 2020-06-03
Olympians On Hold 2020-06-01
Ignoring The Experts With Joel Stein 2020-05-29
Korean Baseball 2020-05-27
Hot Tub Royalty 2020-05-25
Slowing Down With Sam Sanders 2020-05-22
Home School 2020-05-20
Roommates 2020-05-18
Honeysuckle With Greyson Chance 2020-05-15
Dad Diaries 2020-05-13

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