The tech world changes by the minute. Stay up to date with Kim Komando, award-winning radio show host, nationally syndicated columnist and digital lifestyle expert. Kim brings you insider secrets to protect yourself online, make money from home, secure your devices, avoid scams and more.


Title Date published
Tech Refresh: Facebook data breach, PC vs. Mac, display photos on your TV 2021-04-09
A new social network takes on Facebook putting privacy first 2021-04-06
Tech Refresh: Crypto 101, deepfake warning, free up computer space 2021-04-02
Marty Cooper 'Father of the Cellphone' shares the history and future of the cellphone 2021-03-30
Tech Refresh: Windows woes, NFT craze, Clubhouse copycat app 2021-03-26
Insider tricks to make money on Amazon 2021-03-23
Tech Refresh: Travel scams return, military jetpacks, stimulus warning 2021-03-19
Right to Repair: The fight to fix our own tech 2021-03-16
Tech Refresh: $2M tweet, new Alexa commands, iPhone update 2021-03-12
How to leave behind a digital legacy 2021-03-10
Tech Refresh: Alexa privacy, Twitter's new strike system, mobile gaming 2021-03-05
Taxes and the pandemic: New rules to watch out for 2021-03-02
Tech Refresh: Space internet, Mac malware, Windows 10 pro tip 2021-02-26
Digital privacy in 2021: Take a hard look at your apps 2021-02-23
Tech Refresh: Clubhouse, dangerous app, robocalls galore 2021-02-19
All the secrets your car is collecting - Part 2 2021-02-16
Tech Refresh: Delete this app, AirPods mishap, photo storage 101 2021-02-12
All the secrets your car is collecting - Part 1 2021-02-09
Tech Refresh: Search scams, Apple's privacy dud, vaccine selfies 2021-02-05
Inside Amazon: Data tracking, making money and how you can capitalize 2021-02-02

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