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Title Date published
Ep. 1232 - Gun-Grabber Joe 2021-04-09
Ep. 1231 - The Prosecution Against Derek Chauvin Is Collapsing 2021-04-08
Ep. 1230 - The Blowback Is Coming 2021-04-07
Ep. 1229 - Biden’s New World Order 2021-04-06
Ep. 1228 - The Propagandist, Lying, Activist Establishment Media Must Be Torn Down 2021-04-05
Ep. 1227 - Woka-Cola Tastes Like Garbage 2021-04-02
Ep. 1226 - The Fools Are In Charge 2021-04-01
Ep. 1225 - Biden’s Lying Like A Rug 2021-03-31
Ep. 1224 - Why You’ve Heard Of George Floyd But Not Mohammed Anwar  2021-03-30
Ben Shapiro and Candace Owens on the Culture Wars, Cancelations, and Cardi B 2021-03-29
Ayaan Hirsi Ali | The Ben Shapiro Show Sunday Special Ep. 112 2021-03-28
Ep. 1223 - Biden’s Addled, Radical, Lying Press Conference  2021-03-26
America is Still a Beacon of Hope 2021-03-25
Ep. 1222 - The Left’s Lies About “Whiteness” And Gun Control 2021-03-24
Ep. 1221 - "If You Don't Back Gun Control, It's Because You Don't Care" 2021-03-23
Ep. 1220 - Biden Falls Down The Stairs 2021-03-22
Candace Owens Has A New Talk Show… And It’s Available Now On Daily Wire 2021-03-20
Ep. 1219 - The Cancellations Will Continue Until Morale Improves 2021-03-19
Daily Wire Backstage: Biden’s Most Terrifying "Accomplishments" 2021-03-19
Ep. 1218 - The Racist Left Only Cares About Anti-Asian Hate When They Can Blame “Whiteness” 2021-03-18

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