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Title Date published
FULL: Suck a Doorknob 2020-09-15
EXTRA MINI: Who's Calling Christian Voicemails Round 2 2020-09-15
MINI: Day Six – Who’s Calling Christian 2020-09-14
FULL: Dutch Oven, Big Dutch Oven 2020-09-14
EXTRA MINI: Who's Calling Christian: The Week One Voicemails 2020-09-11
FULL: You’ve never too old to get into the Wacky Races? 2020-09-11
MINI: Day Five – Who’s Calling Christian 2020-09-11
MINI - Who's Calling Christian : Day 4 2020-09-10
FULL: “I’m the Leo Sayer of Radio” 2020-09-09
MINI: Day Three – Who’s Calling Christian 2020-09-09
FULL: Who Measured Genghis Khan? 2020-09-08
MINI - Day Two - Who's Calling Christian 2020-09-08
FULL: You are never too old to get into the Wacky Races! 2020-09-08
FULL: Spooning the Footy 2020-09-07
MINI: Day One – Who’s Calling Christian 2020-09-07
FULL: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun…. And Boys 2020-09-04
MINI: Pet Peeves about your Partner 2020-09-04
MINI: Mt. Rushmore 2020-09-03
FULL: Sistine chapel in the taj mahal 2020-09-03
MINI: Christian’s New Shower Gel 2020-09-02

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