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Title Date published
FULL SHOW: Local Franchise Royal Family 2020-02-25
MINI: 5 Topic Tuesday 2020-02-25
FULL SHOW: Monkey Police 2020-02-24
MINI: Songs for the Weekend 2020-02-24
FULL SHOW: The Talented Mr Astley 2020-02-21
MINI: Rick Astley 2020-02-21
FULL SHOW: Two Star Crossed Mullets 2020-02-20
MINI: Under the Bed 2020-02-20
FULL SHOW: Versace in the overhead locker 2020-02-19
MINI: Mid-Week Score 2020-02-18
FULL SHOW: Traces Of Shaka Zulu 2020-02-18
MINI: Heroes Gold Race Car 2020-02-18
FULLL SHOW: George, The Serial Killer. Line 1 2020-02-17
MINI: God Save the Queen 2020-02-17
FULL SHOW: Easy To Wash Mermaid’s Tail 2020-02-14
MINI: B-Sides Final! 2020-02-14
FULL SHOW: Don't fiddle with your cord 2020-02-13
MINI: Heroes Gold Auditions 2020-02-13
FULL SHOW: Consenual Sleeper 2020-02-12
MINI: Battle of the B-sides - Round 1 2020-02-12

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