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Title Date published
Stewart (Dad) Jack (Son) 2019-06-17
The Case of the Tuxedo Cat 2019-06-14
Thank You Please 2019-06-13
Garyasic Park 2019-06-12
Small Genitalia 2019-06-11
Nipple Level 2019-06-07
Jack Ghost 2019-06-06
Mute Mascot 2019-06-05
Greasy Totem Pole 2019-06-04
Fluids Through The Post 2019-06-03
Otter Gigolo 2019-05-31
I Am From India 2019-05-30
Priest On Call 2019-05-29
I See Through The Speakers 2019-05-28
Who Is John Spurs? 2019-05-27
Fake Eric 2019-05-24
Devil Man Teaches Children 2019-05-23
Filthy Hippies, Goosebumps Wow 2019-05-22
Last Requests 2019-05-21
The Love Trumpet 2019-05-20

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