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Title Date published
FULL SHOW: Archie The Dog Boy 2019-11-26
MINI: Roadtrip Games 2019-11-26
MINI: Five Topic Tuesday 2019-11-26
FULL SHOW: Thank You Fish Boy 2019-11-25
TIMEWASTER: Nutty Bands 2019-11-25
MINI: Song That Sums Up Your Weekend 2019-11-25
FULL SHOW: Don't Growl At The Bad Man 2019-11-22
MINI: Were You The Favourite Child? 2019-11-22
FULL SHOW: Armageddon In The Fridge 2019-11-21
TIMEWASTER: Hot Movies 2019-11-21
MINI: The Forgotten Aussie Inventor 2019-11-21
FULL SHOW: House Mullet 2019-11-20
MINI: Are You Cursed? 2019-11-20
TIMEWASTER: Ruin A Disney Movie 2019-11-20
FULL SHOW: Harry Houdini's Carpenter 2019-11-19
TIMEWASTER: Melbourne Love Songs 2019-11-19
MINI: Grandparents Claim To Fame And Scar Wars 2019-11-19
FULL SHOW: I Didn't...And I Didn't 2019-11-18
TIMEWASTER: Teenage Movies 2019-11-18
MINI: Pats Has Her Christmas Tree Up Already 2019-11-18

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