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Title Date published
MINI: Five Topic Tuesday 2020-01-20
FULL SHOW: Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix 2020-01-20
Australia's Bushfires: The Incredible Stories From The Front Line & Beyond 2020-01-06
No Country For 3 Wise Men 2019-12-06
MINI: The Best Callers Of 2019 2019-12-06
MINI - Jack Sings His Version Of 12 Days Of Christmas 2019-12-06
FULL SHOW: The Inaugural Annual Sausage Party 2019-12-04
MINI: Three Challengers Vie For Sausage Supremacy 2019-12-04
TIMEWASTER: Sausage Movies 2019-12-04
FULL SHOW: Don't Say I'm Crazy 2019-12-03
MINI: What Made You Feel Old? 2019-12-03
TIMEWASTER: Ancient Egyptian Movies 2019-12-03
FULL SHOW: Very Well Behaved Spaniels 2019-12-03
MINI: Five Topic Tuesday (Christmas Edition) 2019-12-03
FULL SHOW: Nail in the Coffin of Childhood 2019-12-02
MINI: Misheard Lyrics (Christmas Edition) 2019-12-02
TIMEWASTER: Computer Movies 2019-12-02
FULL SHOW: Left My Wife For A Mer-Lady 2019-11-29
TIMEWASTER: Cat Celebrities 2019-11-29
MINI: Caller Of The Week 2019-11-29

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