Save more and spend less is more than just a motto for money expert Clark Howard; it’s a way of life. Clark and his crew — Team Clark — are on a mission to empower people to take control of their personal finances by providing money-saving tips, consumer advice, hot deals and economic news to help everyone achieve financial freedom. Clark is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host and a consumer reporter for television stations around the country. His podcast, The Clark Howard Show, receives more than one million downloads each month and is a hub for listeners to get valuable advice on-demand any time. Clark answers questions on the most popular business and consumer topics including; how to buy a cars, financing a home, retirement planning, shopping for insurance and getting the most out of your savings. Join the conversation and submit your question to . Clark spearheads two free resources — and — to encourage consumers to save more, spend less and avoid ripoffs.


Title Date published
01.26.22 Streaming Services Price Creep / Vehicles: 3 Great Developments. 2022-01-26
01.25.22 Home Ownership vs. Renting / Restaurants & Retail: Limited Hours & Merchandise. 2022-01-25
01.24.22 Military Bonuses / Good News on the Energy Front. 2022-01-24
01.21.22 Clark Answers His Critics on Clark Stinks / Dealerships Vs. the Free Market Sale of Vehicles. 2022-01-21
01.20.22 Special Retirement Advice For Women / Warning: Banks Pushing Credit Card Offers. 2022-01-20
01.19.22 Credit Report Errors / Walmart Vs. Amazon - Grocery Delivery Options. 2022-01-19
01.18.22 Travel Warnings: Cruises & Lodgings / Furniture Orders & Deposits in Limbo. 2022-01-18
01.14.22 Clark Answers His Critics on Clark Stinks / Tax Season Strategy & Inflation. 2022-01-14
01.13.22 Invasion of Privacy: Cell Phone Service / When You Need To Buy a Car - Now. 2022-01-13
01.12.22 New Advice About 401(k)s / YOUR SAFETY: Criminal Tracking of People & Cars. 2022-01-12
01.11.22 HOUSING: Cost, Supply & Building Innovation / Life Insurance Guidelines. 2022-01-11
01.10.22 The End of ER Bill Shock? / What’s Behind the American Labor Shortage. 2022-01-10
01.07.22 Clark Answers His Critics on Clark Stinks / Clark’s 2022 Money Challenge. 2022-01-07
01.06.22 Crypto Savings Accounts / The Funeral Industry Pivot - New Rules. 2022-01-06
01.05.22 Explainer: Long-Term Care Insurance / Advancements in Medicine. 2022-01-05
01.04.22 Special Edition: SOCIAL SECURITY with expert Mary Beth Franklin 2022-01-04
01.03.22 New Tech for Drunk Driving Prevention / The Debt Hangover & A Clark Smart Resolution. 2022-01-03
12.24.21 Clark Answers His Critics on Clark Stinks / Boost Mobile Deal + Big Bargains in the New Year. 2021-12-24
12.23.21 Teachable Moments: Teens & Money / Know Your Worth in the Marketplace. 2021-12-23
12.22.21 Bad Fiscal Health Leads to Bad Physical Health / Relocating? SAVE on the Cost of Moving. 2021-12-22

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