NBA analytics pioneer and front office insider John Hollinger joins Dunc'd On podcast host Nate Duncan to bring you the smartest weekly NBA podcast available. The Hollinger & Duncan NBA Show brings fans next-level analysis of the league, its teams, and its players. John and Nate take you behind the curtain for an unmatched insider look at every aspect of the NBA. From scouting reports to game breakdowns to salary cap analysis, there’s no better way for true basketball fans to follow the NBA. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network.


Title Date published
Pierce Firing; Sorting Out the Top of the West; Best Players of the Gubble 2021-03-03
Four Under-the-Radar Stories; All-Star Reaction; Wolves’ Coach Process 2021-02-24
Picking the 2020-21 All-Stars 2021-02-17
Future Rankings Continued; G League Ignite Impressions 2021-02-10
Future Rankings: The Good 2021-02-03
Would We Have Done the Harden Trade? What to do with KPJ? What Does a Scouting Database Look Like? 2021-01-20
Can the NBA Continue? Which Surprise Teams Are For Real? 2021-01-13
Is It Time for Teams to Panic?!?!? 2021-01-06
Standout Trends, Teams, and Rookies; Team Mailbag Questions 2020-12-30
Huge Mailbag: Best/Worst Extensions, Preseason Questions, and More 2020-12-23
Preseason Predictions 2020-12-17
Biggest Preseason Disagreements 2020-12-10
Wall for Westbrook; Offseason Disagreements; Contender Tiers 2020-12-03
The Giannis Sweepstakes, How Good Are the Hawks? Best/Worst Deals of Free Agency 2020-11-25
What Happened with Bogdan; What Do Warriors Do Next; Harden Trade Options; Draft Winners and Losers 2020-11-19
John and Nate Debate the Top-10 of the Draft 2020-11-12
NBA’s December Restart Proposal; Morey in Philly; 2021 Playoff Picture; Your Questions 2020-10-29
The Most Likely Players to Be Traded; SVG and Bjorkgren Hirings; Your Questions 2020-10-22
Morey Out; Lue to Clippers; MJ vs LeBron; The Best and Worst Cap Sheets 2020-10-15
The Most Likely Contracts to Get Dumped; Finals MVP, Playoffs MVP; Twitch Chat 2020-10-08

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