A narrative history podcast following the journeys of medieval travellers and their roles in larger historical events. Telling great stories, showing the interconnected nature of the medieval world, and meeting Mongols, Ottomans, Franciscans, merchants, ambassadors, and adventurers along the way.


Title Date published
Sir John Mandeville 3: Mamluk Egypt 2020-02-22
Sir John Mandeville 2: In and Around Jerusalem 2020-01-25
Sir John Mandeville 1: To the Holy Land 2019-12-28
The Book of the Wonders of India 2019-11-16
Halloween Mini Episode: The Stories of Walter Map 2019-10-31
Abu Zayd and the Ways East 2019-10-25
Salah ad-Din 6: The Ayyubids 2019-09-28
Salah ad-Din 5: The End of the End 2019-08-15
Salah ad-Din 4: The Beginning of the End 2019-07-28
Salah ad-Din 3: The Horns of Hattin 2019-07-01
Salah ad-Din 2: A Syrian Election 2019-06-19
Salah ad-Din 1: The City Victorious 2019-05-25
The Sons of Maimon 3: From Moses to Moses 2019-04-28
The Sons of Maimon 2: What's Done is Gone 2019-04-08
The Sons of Maimon 1: Exile 2019-03-19
Rabban Bar Sauma 4: Ilkhanid End Times 2019-02-22
Rabban Bar Sauma 3: Barbazoma, Tartarus, Orientalis 2019-02-03
Rabban Bar Sauma 2: Ilkhanid Infighting, Ilkhanid Envoy 2019-01-16
Rabban Bar Sauma 1: The Monks of Kublai Khan 2018-12-24
Geoffrey's Crusade 5: Boniface, Baldwin, and the Bulgarians 2018-11-25

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