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Title Date published
Replace Your Boring Webcam With This Fleshy Anthropomorphic Eyeball - TechNewsDay 2021-04-16
Hundreds of Millions of Dollars... Wasted?! - ITDaily 2021-04-14
D-List Actor Stole $200+ Million in Hollywood Ponzi Scheme?! - News Dump 2021-04-10
500M+ Facebook Users Had Their Data Stolen - TechNewsDay 2021-04-09
Finally, MORE Good News: Vaccines, The End of Covid & More! - ITDaily 2021-04-07
The Most Insane Twitter Thread Ever... is Now a Movie!! - News Dump 2021-04-03
April Fools 2021 - TechNewsDay 2021-04-02
The All-New Satanic Panic: Lil Nas X Goes to Hell! - ITDaily 2021-03-31
New Plague Just Dropped: Billions Of Insects Hatching Soon! - News Dump 2021-03-27
Amazon Piss Bottles - TechNewsDay 2021-03-27
What Really Happened to All Gas No Brakes?! - ITDaily 2021-03-24
The Snyder Cut: Does It Suck?! - News Dump 2021-03-20
NFT Owners ROBBED! $100k+ STOLEN! - TechNewsDay 2021-03-19
Apes Together Strong: WallStreetBets All-In on Gorillas! - ITDaily 2021-03-17
It's been a year... - News Dump 2021-03-13
Weird Old Man John McAfee In BIG Trouble - TechNewsDay 2021-03-12
Bad Week for Royalty - Queen Canceled, Burger King Sexist!? - ITDaily 2021-03-12
Hot or Not?! The Lola Bunny Scandal is Insane - News Dump 2021-03-06
ANOTHER Right Wing Twitter Clone HACKED - TechNewsDay 2021-03-06
What the *&$# Are NFTs?! Crypto Art is Blowing Up - ITDaily 2021-03-04

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