Red Pilled America is a weekly audio documentary series that tells the stories Hollywood and the mainstream media don't want you to hear. It is hosted by Patrick Courrielche & Adryana Cortez. For the full archive of episodes, visit


Title Date published
Teaser: Lie Detector 2020-08-12
One Hit Wonder 2020-08-08
The Rules of the Game 2020-08-02
Overnight Success 2020-07-24
The "Moderate" 2020-07-18
Brainwashing 2020-07-10
The Pursuit of Happiness 2020-07-03
Shocks the Conscience 2020-06-26
Reformation 2020-06-19
Unfriend Me Now 2020-06-12
Insurrection 2020-06-07
The Minority (Part Two) 2020-06-01
The Minority (Part One) 2020-05-29
Matilda's Law 2020-05-22
Let There Be Light 2020-05-09
American Icon (Part Three) 2020-04-08
American Icon (Part Two) 2020-04-05
American Icon (Part One) 2020-04-03
Red Pilled America's "BackStage" Update 2020-02-24
Injustice 2019-07-06

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