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Title Date published
Political: The “But Every Politician’s Gonna Say That” Edition 2019-01-31
Studio 360: Found in translation 2019-01-31
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Pesto in a Tub Edition 2019-01-31
The Waves: The "Subpoena Me" Edition 2019-01-31
What Next: Don't Call Him El Chapo 2019-01-31
Hi-Phi Nation: The Precrime Unit 2019-01-31
Decoder Ring: The Grifter 2019-01-31
Gist: Medicare for All, Dissent From None 2019-01-31
Whistlestop: A ’90s-Style Government Shutdown (Part 2) 2019-01-30
Trumpcast: The Collusion Story Info Spectrum 2019-01-30
If Then: Media Layoffs Are Trending 2019-01-30
The Good Fight: James Bloodworth 2019-01-30
What Next: Howard Schultz and the Ghost of Ross Perot 2019-01-30
Culture Gabfest: Prosthesis Statement Edition 2019-01-30
Gist: E Pluribus Unum, Still? 2019-01-30
Dear Prudence: The "I'm Not Really Perfect" Edition 2019-01-29
What Next: How Big Tech Is Bleeding American Journalism 2019-01-29
Gist: Stone Cold Weirdos 2019-01-29
Trumpcast: A (Roger) Stone In A Barrel 2019-01-28
Hang Up: The Most Alarming Feet I’ve Ever Seen Edition 2019-01-28

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