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Title Date published
Trumpcast: Why Did Deutsche Bank Support Trump? 2019-03-22
Political: The “The President is Not a White Supremacist” Edition 2019-03-21
Studio 360: Cracking cases 2019-03-21
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Make The Chicken Dance Edition 2019-03-21
The Waves: The "Avocado Turd" Edition 2019-03-21
What Next: When Are We Going to Start Planning For Floods? 2019-03-21
Gist: Solving Maternal Mortality 2019-03-21
If Then: Livestreaming A Massacre 2019-03-20
Outward: The "Town and Country" Edition 2019-03-20
What Next: Court Packing Is Not That Extreme 2019-03-20
Culture Gabfest: Queen of Shade Edition 2019-03-20
Gist: What Merchants of Truth Gets Right 2019-03-20
Dear Prudence: The "You Gonna Eat That?" Edition 2019-03-19
Lexicon: When Ain't Was Alright 2019-03-19
Studio 360: Jia Zhangke’s Empathetic Eye 2019-03-19
What Next: How the Internet Makes Murderers 2019-03-19
Slate Money: Travel: What’s the Point? 2019-03-19
Trumpcast: The Six Groups Within The 2019 Democratic Party 2019-03-19
Gist: Beto Takes a Stand 2019-03-19
Hang Up: The Poorly Photoshopped Water Polo Action Shot Edition 2019-03-18

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