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Title Date published
Political: The “Eight Count” Edition 2018-08-23
Studio 360: Framing the debate 2018-08-23
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Bad Grandpa Edition 2018-08-23
The Waves: The Subtweeting Your Spouse Edition 2018-08-23
Gist: Don’t Touch The “I” Word 2018-08-22
Whistlestop: The Bidding of Biden to Boo Bork 2018-08-22
If Then: Google’s Secret Censorship Project 2018-08-22
Slow Burn S2 Ep. 3: Cred 2018-08-22
Culture Gabfest: You Will Never Be Enough Edition 2018-08-22
Trumpcast: The Cohen Plea and Manafort Verdict 2018-08-22
Gist: Trolls and Trump's Lies 2018-08-21
Dear Prudence: The "Leftover Food" Edition 2018-08-21
The Rise of They 2018-08-21
Studio 360: The Remarkable Bounce of Blindspotting 2018-08-21
Gist: What Happened to “America’s Mayor”? 2018-08-20
Hang Up: The Last Bruh You Hear Before You Get Hit In the Face Edition 2018-08-20
Slate Money: The Accountable Capitalism Edition 2018-08-18
Amicus: Barbie, Bratz, and Who Owns Your Dreams? 2018-08-18
Trumpcast: The Outspoken John Brennan and What He Left Behind 2018-08-17
Gist: Listening to Inanimate Objects 2018-08-17

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