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Title Date published
I Have to Ask: Benjamin Wittes 2018-03-02
Represent: #82: Oscar-Nominated: A Fantastic Woman, Strong Island and Lady Bird 2018-03-02
Today From Slate: Hanging Out With Santa, Not the Penguins 2018-03-02
Trumpcast: Overleveraged and Under Scrutiny 2018-03-02
Gist: Watching for a Backtrack 2018-03-02
Political: The “There Once Was a Union Maid But Not Anymore” Edition 2018-03-01
The shape of Oscar 2018-03-01
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Chickenpox for the Soul Edition 2018-03-01
El Gabfest: De los problemas de Kushner y #DonaldCorleone 2018-03-01
Today From Slate: Trump Without Hope and Jared Short on Clearance 2018-03-01
Gist: Heal Thyself, Dana Loesch 2018-03-01
If Then: “You Have to Be Heard” 2018-02-28
The Good Fight: Benjamin Wittes 2018-02-28
Culture Gabfest: Covenant of Quiet Enjoyment Edition 2018-02-28
Today From Slate: Back From the Hill, And Back to School 2018-02-28
Gist: The Abbreviated Highlight Reel of Stacey Dash 2018-02-28
Trumpcast: A System of Silencing 2018-02-28
Dear Prudence: The “Nosey Desk-Searching Boss” Edition 2018-02-27
ABC: The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin 2018-02-27
Today From Slate: Catch Me Outside (in Lima) 2018-02-27

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