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Title Date published
Dear Prudence: The "Spousal Acknowledgement" Edition 2018-03-20
Lexicon: Did the Founding Fathers Have a British Accent? 2018-03-20
When The Belly Room Grew ā€” and Flopped ā€” for Female Comics 2018-03-20
Hang Up: The Humble Swagger Edition 2018-03-19
Gist: Are Receipts Toxic? 2018-03-19
Trumpcast: John Kelly's Power and Failure 2018-03-19
Trumpcast: The PutinCon Files 2018-03-18
Working Animals: How Does Fiona the Hippo Work? 2018-03-18
Slate Money: Jordan's Last Episode Edition 2018-03-17
Amicus: All The President's Lawyers 2018-03-17
Today From Slate: Putting the Sham in Shamrocks 2018-03-17
Gist: The Year Groove Went Mainstream 2018-03-17
Trumpcast: Rating the Trump-Russia Angles 2018-03-16
Spoiler Specials: Blue Planet II 2018-03-16
Represent #84: A Wrinkle in Time and Representations That Hurt 2018-03-16
Today From Slate: Did Mueller Cross a Line? Did We All? 2018-03-16
Gist: Hot or Not, Presidents' Edition 2018-03-15
Political: The "Rex Wrecks" Edition 2018-03-15
Studio 360: Babe Iā€™m leaving 2018-03-15
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Simpering Airhead Mermaid Edition 2018-03-15

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