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Title Date published
Political: The “Eventually We Will Get Something Done” Edition 2017-07-20
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Adventures in Babysitting Edition 2017-07-20
90 Seconds: The Scariest Calendar Ever 2017-07-20
I Have to Ask: The Zoë Heller Edition 2017-07-20
Trumpcast: The Many Missteps of Mitch McConnell 2017-07-20
Gist: The Garbage Art of Handwriting Analysis 2017-07-19
Trumpcare Tracker: Is It Really Dead? 2017-07-19
90 Seconds: Fidget Spinners Are Brainwash, Apparently 2017-07-19
Slate Voice: "The Iran Trap" 2017-07-19
Culture Gabfest: Hum In the Drum Edition 2017-07-19
Gist: Tyler Cowen Fears for Our Future 2017-07-18
Trumpcast: On the 25th Floor 2017-07-18
Slate Voice: "Jamie Dimon Is Fed Up With No One in Particular" 2017-07-18
Dear Prudence: The "Open it Up" Edition 2017-07-18
90 Seconds: Secretly Canadian 2017-07-18
Conspiracy Thrillers | The Parallax View (1974) 2017-07-18
Gist: Dan Pashman on the Psychology of Taste 2017-07-17
Trumpcare Tracker: The World’s Most Ironic Health Scare 2017-07-17
Hang Up: The Man Hit Ball Far Edition 2017-07-17
90 Seconds: Big Scary Iceberg Edition 2017-07-17

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