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Title Date published
90 Seconds: ‘The Apprentice’ Meets ‘The West Wing’ 2018-01-10
"Why Wouldn't King Kong Want a Lady Gorilla?" Edition 2018-01-10
Gist: Radio Reconciliation 2018-01-10
90 Seconds: Bloody Noses & a Disgraced Sheriff 2018-01-09
Dear Prudence: The “Reverse Kids Get Off My Lawn” Edition 2018-01-09
Lexicon: There Are Two N-Words 2018-01-09
Gist: What to Make of Fire and Fury 2018-01-09
Hang Up: The Citronauts Are National Champions Edition 2018-01-08
90 Seconds: Oprah-mentum! 2018-01-08
Working LGBTQ: How Does an ACLU Attorney Work? 2018-01-07
Amicus: The Right Not To Vote 2018-01-06
Slate Money: The Distinctly Nordic Edition 2018-01-06
Gist: Going for Gridiron 2018-01-06
Trumpcast: Obstructing and Burning 2018-01-06
90 Seconds: The Bills Make Me Wanna Shout 2018-01-05
Represent #73: Hollywood Women Respond to #MeToo 2018-01-05
Trumpcast: The Commission is Dead, Not the Mission 2018-01-05
Gist: Move to the Center or Keep on Losing 2018-01-05
Political: The “Lost His Mind” Edition 2018-01-04
90 Seconds: ‘Fire and Fury’ and Fact-Checking 2018-01-04

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