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Title Date published
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Toxic Preschool Edition 2018-09-20
The Waves: The End of Summer Call-in Edition 2018-09-20
SPECIAL: Surviving a School Shooting, From a Teacher's Point of View 2018-09-20
Trumpcast: Ford's Credibility and Kavanaugh's Lies 2018-09-20
Gist: Coal Over Climate 2018-09-20
If Then: Tech Barons Are the New Media Barons 2018-09-19
Outward: The "Orientation" Edition 2018-09-19
Slow Burn S2 Ep. 6: God Mode 2018-09-19
Culture Gabfest: Oopsie Jar Edition 2018-09-19
Gist: Owe Me the Money 2018-09-19
Dear Prudence: The “Unnecessary Shame” Edition 2018-09-18
Lexicon: The Habitual Past 2018-09-18
Studio 360: BoJack Horseman’s Raphael Bob-Waksberg 2018-09-18
Gist: Ethan Hawke’s Earnest Art 2018-09-18
Hang Up: The Let’s Retire at Halftime Edition 2018-09-17
Gabfest Bonus: The "Kavanaugh in Crisis" Edition 2018-09-17
Women in Charge: Aline Brosh McKenna 2018-09-17
Working With Weed: How Does a Hash Maker Work? 2018-09-16
Working With Weed: How Does a Hash Maker Work? 2018-09-16
Amicus: Roe v Kavanaugh 2018-09-15

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