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Title Date published
Gist: Just Use My Data, People 2018-07-07
I Have to Ask: Porochista Khakpour 2018-07-06
Trumpcast: Lessons from South Africa 2018-07-06
Gist: How Quickly We Forget 2018-07-06
Political: The "Abolish ICE" Edition 2018-07-05
Studio 360: American Icons: Monticello 2018-07-05
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Co-Parenting Conundrum Edition 2018-07-05
The Waves (formerly Double X): The Big D Energy Edition 2018-07-05
If Then: The Supreme Court in the Cyber Age 2018-07-04
The Good Fight: Jeff Jarvis 2018-07-04
Trumpcast: Overcoming Class Cluelessness 2018-07-04
Culture Gabfest: Unproblematic Trolley Edition 2018-07-04
Gist: Song, Dance, and Confirmation 2018-07-03
Dear Prudence: The “Unexpected Inheritance” Edition 2018-07-03
Studio 360: Science and Creativity: Your Brain on Laughter Part III 2018-07-03
Gist: Shameless Mitch 2018-07-03
El Gabfest en Inglés: Magical Mexican President 2018-07-03
El Gabfest: Del Nuevo Presidente de México y Pensamientos Mágicos 2018-07-03
Hang Up: The LeBron to the Golden State Edition 2018-07-02
The World Cup of GOLLLL Shouting 2018-07-02

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