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Title Date published
Trumpcast: A Taxonomy of the Alt-Right, Alt-Light, and Alt-Etcs 2017-08-24
Gist: Sure, Punching Nazis Feels Good… 2017-08-23
Slate Voice: "The Public Face of Antifa" 2017-08-23
90 Seconds: Rewriting History 2017-08-23
Culture Gabfest: The Tree is a Colander Edition 2017-08-23
Gist: Russia's Lab Rat 2017-08-22
Trumpcast: The Corruption of Carl Icahn 2017-08-22
90 Seconds: Taking a Knee 2017-08-22
Dear Prudence: The "Strangers on a Train" Edition 2017-08-22
Lexicon: Did Cavebabies Say Mama and Papa? 2017-08-22
Gist: The Many Theories of Malcolm Gladwell 2017-08-21
Hang-Up: The Blackin’ Out the NFL and the Sun Edition 2017-08-21
90 Seconds: Trump’s Turn 2017-08-21
Slate Money: The Only Way Is Ethics Edition 2017-08-19
Gist: The Year MTV Took Over the Charts 2017-08-19
Trumpcast: The Anti-Fascists AKA The Antifa 2017-08-19
90 Seconds: Learning to Laugh at Neo-Nazis 2017-08-18
Represent #56: "Detroit" and “Lemon” Filmmaker Janicza Bravo 2017-08-18
Political: The “Very Fine People” Edition 2017-08-17
Studio 360 | Say it loud: “moist” 2017-08-17

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