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Title Date published
Trumpcast: An Incomprehensible Dud of a Memo 2018-02-02
I Have to Ask: Wesley Morris 2018-02-02
Represent #78: "Jane the Virgin" Star Jaime Camil 2018-02-02
Political: The “Hope Hicks’ Loose Lips Sinks Ships” Edition 2018-02-01
Trumpcast: What if We Never See the Mueller Report? 2018-02-01
Papa was a rolling stone 2018-02-01
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Binky Barter Edition 2018-02-01
Gist: LBJ, Reconsidered 2018-02-01
El Gabfest: De Cuatro Pilares y Fanboys Políticos 2018-02-01
Gist: We Still Have No U.S. Ambassador to South Korea 2018-02-01
Trumpcast: How Paul Manafort's Life Unraveled 2018-01-31
If Then: Through The Revolving Door Between Facebook and Democrats 2018-01-31
90 Seconds: The Left Shark (Finally) Explains Himself 2018-01-31
The Good Fight: David Miliband 2018-01-31
Culture Gabfest: Live From Sundance Edition 2018-01-31
Gist: When All the Jobs Are Gone 2018-01-31
Trumpcast: The Outgoing McCabe and the Incoming Memo 2018-01-30
Studio 360: Will Super Bowl Ads lay off bikini babes for #MeToo? 2018-01-30
90 Seconds: The State of the State of the Union 2018-01-30
Dear Prudence: The Live “Cruise-ship Romance” Edition 2018-01-30

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