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Title Date published
I Have to Ask: The Ta-Nehisi Coates Edition 2017-11-09
Gist: About Last Night 2017-11-09
90 Seconds: The Sad Trombone 2017-11-08
The Good Fight: Perry Bacon Jr. 2017-11-08
If Then: You Can’t Hardcode Community 2017-11-08
Culture Gabfest: Two Steves and a Metcalf Edition 2017-11-08
Gist: The Paradox of Black Patriotism 2017-11-08
Trumpcast: A Year Spent in Panic Inducing Bubbles 2017-11-08
90 Seconds: Laissez-Faire Landscaping 2017-11-07
Dear Prudence: The “Wishin’ Boot” Edition 2017-11-07
Gist: Lynn Novick on Making The Vietnam War 2017-11-07
Trumpcast: The Giant Pool of Money Laundering 2017-11-06
Hang Up: The No Berries for Brady Edition 2017-11-06
90 Seconds: Lost in Translation 2017-11-06
Slate Money: The Powell's Books Edition 2017-11-04
Gist: Free to Be You and #MeToo 2017-11-04
Trumpcast: Inching Closer to the Oval Office 2017-11-03
Sponsored Content: Open Account: The Farmer’s Almanac - Jagpaul Badhesha 2017-11-03
90 Seconds: Eleven Minutes in Heaven 2017-11-03
Spoiler Special - Thor: Ragnarok 2017-11-03

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