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Title Date published
If Then: Dudebros Everyday 2018-01-24
90 Seconds: The “God’s Plan” Defense 2018-01-24
Culture Gabfest: Nobody Bonks Me On the Head With a Baguette Edition 2018-01-24
Trumpcast: A Rot at the Core of the Republic 2018-01-24
Gist: MSG Is A-OK 2018-01-24
Slate Money: The You Guys PIK Edition 2018-01-23
90 Seconds: Finding (Juvenile) Joy in the Shutdown 2018-01-23
Dear Prudence: The “Tepidly Panromantic” Edition 2018-01-23
Lexicon: What's the Deal with Eleven? 2018-01-23
Sponsored Content: Life Effects - How it Starts 2018-01-23
Gist: The Dems Have a Bad Hand 2018-01-23
Hang Up: The One-Armed Bandit Edition 2018-01-22
90 Seconds: What the Democrats Got (And What They Didn’t) 2018-01-22
Trumpcast: The Shutdown Vote (UPDATED) 2018-01-20
Amicus: “The Gross Spectacle of a Divided Defense” 2018-01-20
Gist: One Year Down 2018-01-20
90 Seconds: Shutdown, (White) Supremacy, and … Sharks? 2018-01-19
I Have to Ask: David Frum 2018-01-19
Represent: #76: Oscar Nomination Predictions and Filmmaker Charles Burnett 2018-01-19
Gist: Busted: A Gist Productions Parody 2018-01-19

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