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Title Date published
90 Seconds: A Presidential Tantrum, a Grieving Father, and an UFO 2017-12-12
Dear Prudence: The "Schrödinger's Stolen Cat" Edition 2017-12-12
Lexicon: An Accidental Sanctity 2017-12-12
Gist: The Abortion Fight Led Us Here 2017-12-12
Trumpcast: Yet Another Round of Attacks on the Press 2017-12-12
Hang Up: The Bronx Bombers’ Big Boppers Edition 2017-12-11
90 Seconds: Cat Persons, Presidents, and Polls 2017-12-11
Working LGBTQ: How Does a Gender Reassignment Surgeon Work 2017-12-10
Slate Money: The Petro Edition 2017-12-09
Amicus: Probing the Mueller Probe, and Inside the Chamber for Masterpiece Cakeshop 2017-12-09
90 Seconds: Yearbook Memories 2017-12-08
Trump's Endorsement and Alabama's Senate Race 2017-12-08
Gist: Can You Win as the Party of Purity? 2017-12-08
Political: The "Wedding Cake" Edition 2017-12-07
Studio 360: Gay theater, then and now. 2017-12-07
90 Seconds: Franken’s Parting Shots 2017-12-07
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: "What's Elf on the Shelf?" Edition 2017-12-07
El Gabfest: De Traiciones Populistas y Personas del Año 2017-12-07
I Have to Ask: The Lawrence O'Donnell Edition 2017-12-07
Gist: Next Falls Franken? 2017-12-07

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