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Title Date published
Dear Prudence: The “Ongoing Fling with a Famous Person” Edition 2018-01-16
DoubleX Gabfest: They Almost Called It Moxie 2018-01-16
Trumpcast: $130,000 in Hush Money 2018-01-16
Hang Up: The “They Shoot Utility Infielders, Don’t They?” Edition 2018-01-15
Represent #75: Actor Bambadjan Bamba Comes Out as Undocumented 2018-01-15
Slate Money: Down the IGWEL Edition 2018-01-13
Gist: Teenage Brains Are Just Different 2018-01-13
Trumpcast: A Dangerous, Bumbling, Racist Idiot 2018-01-12
90 Seconds: ‘Sh*tholes’ and Racists 2018-01-12
I Have to Ask: Margaret Sullivan 2018-01-12
Spoiler Specials: Black Mirror Season 4 2018-01-12
Represent #74: Faith-Based Film Producer DeVon Franklin 2018-01-12
Gist: Is Trump Insane? Does It Matter? 2018-01-12
Trumpcast: The Immigration Fight Escalates 2018-01-12
Political: The "Very Stable Genius" Edition 2018-01-11
Breaker 1-9 2018-01-11
Sponsored Content: Uncanned - How Do We Feed a Growing Population? 2018-01-11
90 Seconds: With 'Friends' Like These 2018-01-11
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Look Who's Back Edition 2018-01-11
El Gabfest: De finales de sueño y libros devastadores 2018-01-11

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