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Title Date published
Dear Prudence: The "Mulligan" Edition 2017-08-01
Conspiracy Thrillers | They Live (1988) 2017-08-01
Trumpcast: Aggressive on Immigration 2017-08-01
Gist: How to Beat a Casino 2017-08-01
Hang Up: The Greyhens Not Grayhens Edition 2017-07-31
90 Seconds: Rickrolled By Democracy 2017-07-31
Working in Detroit: How Does Shinola's Manufacturing VP Work? 2017-07-30
Slate Money: The Bad Eggs Edition 2017-07-29
ABC: Do Not Become Alarmed by Maile Meloy 2017-07-29
Trumpcast: Holy Hell to Pay 2017-07-29
Gist: Alan Alda Seeks Clarity 2017-07-28
Slate Voice | "Crown of Love" 2017-07-28
Represent #53: Girls Trip and Showrunner Monica-Owusu Breen 2017-07-28
I Have to Ask: The Olivia Nuzzi Edition 2017-07-27
Gist: They Called Him Son of Sam 2017-07-27
Political: The “If Only This Were A Movie And Not Our Lives” Edition 2017-07-27
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: The Return of the Dan Edition 2017-07-27
90 Seconds: Justin Trudeau Can't Be President, You Guys 2017-07-27
DoubleX Gabfest: The Sex Robots Are Coming Edition 2017-07-27
Trumpcast: Fascist Curious 2017-07-27

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