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Title Date published
Hang Up: The Remember Connie Hawkins Edition 2017-12-25
Working LGBTQ: How Does a Presbyterian LGBTQ Advocate Work? 2017-12-24
Slate Money: The Call-In Edition 2017-12-23
Amicus: #MeToo in the Courts 2017-12-23
Gist: Deplorables and Snowflakes 2017-12-23
90 Seconds: Trump Free Zone 2017-12-22
Trumpcast Bookclub: Submission 2017-12-22
Represent #72: Represent: 2017 in Review 2017-12-22
Gist: Tax Bill Ballyhoo 2017-12-22
Political: The “Paul Ryan Has Died and Gone to Heaven” Edition 2017-12-21
Studio 360: Where is Bobbie Gentry? 2017-12-21
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Spurious Holiday Grinch Edition 2017-12-21
90 Seconds: ‘The Universal Law School of the Airwaves’ 2017-12-21
El Gabfest: De Millonarios Felices y Viejitos Pascueros 2017-12-21
I Have to Ask: The Bill Kristol Edition 2017-12-21
Gist: Trickle Down Now 2017-12-21
Trumpcast: Strategic Confusion 2017-12-21
If Then: What’s a Firefox? 2017-12-20
90 Seconds: From the Discotheque to the Yacht 2017-12-20
The Good Fight: Francis Fukuyama Rerun 2017-12-20

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