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Title Date published
Political: The “Make Mexico Great Again” Edition 2016-09-01
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: The Mom and Dad Have Answers Edition 2016-09-01
90 Seconds with Slate: Company Wellness Programs Are Baloney 2016-09-01
Year of Great Books | What Should We Read Next? 2016-09-01
Trumpcast: Opening the Trump Archive 2016-08-31
The Culture Gabfest: Smart Brick Edition 2016-08-31
90 Seconds with Slate: Robo Babies!! 2016-08-30
Dear Prudence: The "Time is Not an Apology" Edition 2016-08-30
Trumpcast: Lifeboats for Republicans 2016-08-29
Hang Up: The O’er the Land of the Free Edition 2016-08-29
Placemakers: The Matriarch of Spirit on Lake 2016-08-29
Money: The Worse Than Marxism Edition 2016-08-27
The Year Nirvana Lost Out to Bryan Adams 2016-08-26
90 Seconds with Slate: The Longest Bruce Springsteen Concert Ever 2016-08-26
Gist: Do You Rely on GPS? Thank Chuck E. Cheese and William F. Buckley 2016-08-25
Political: The "Meet the New Trump" Edition 2016-08-25
90 Seconds with Slate: Break in Case of Emergency 2016-08-25
The DoubleX Gabfest: Propped Up by Pillows Edition 2016-08-25
Gist: A Sympathetic Serial Imposter 2016-08-24
Trumpcast: Time Off For Good Behavior 2016-08-24

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