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Title Date published
Trumpcast: The Problem Solvers 2017-08-05
Slate Money: The Shared Values Edition 2017-08-05
Gist: Maria Bamford Wants to See Emotion 2017-08-05
Represent #54: Prolific Video Essayist-Turned-Filmmaker Kogonada 2017-08-04
Gist: The Scaramucci Tapes 2017-08-03
Political: The “Kelly and the Mooch” Edition 2017-08-03
Studio 360 | American Icons: Moby-Dick 2017-08-03
SPONSORED CONTENT: Open Account: You Say You Want A Revolution 2017-08-03
90 Seconds: Weight for It, Weight for It 2017-08-03
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Eating Your Feelings Edition 2017-08-03
Trumpcast: The Short History of Generals as Chiefs of Staff 2017-08-03
I Have to Ask: The Robert Wright Edition 2017-08-03
Gist: A Video Game Thoreau Might Play 2017-08-03
90 Seconds: Anti-Vaxxers, Unleashed 2017-08-02
Slate Voice | "Trump’s Declaration of Independence" 2017-08-02
Culture Gabfest: Crash! I Dropped a Vase Edition 2017-08-02
Gist: No Hard Feelings 2017-08-02
90 Seconds: Mooch Gets Prankster’d 2017-08-01
Dear Prudence: The "Mulligan" Edition 2017-08-01
Conspiracy Thrillers | They Live (1988) 2017-08-01

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