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Title Date published
90 Seconds: Hurricanes and Trolls 2017-09-07
DoubleX Gabfest: The Princess Diana Beanie Baby Edition 2017-09-07
Gist: Music Is Sex 2017-09-06
Trumpcast: The Big Debt 2017-09-06
90 Seconds: There’s Something About Bernie 2017-09-06
Culture Gabfest: Look What You Made Richard Dreyfuss Do Edition 2017-09-06
Trumpcast: 800,000 Hostages 2017-09-06
Gist: Choosing Who Gets Flooded 2017-09-05
Hang Up: The Quarterback Named Buckshot Edition 2017-09-05
90 Seconds: Dreamers and Nightmares 2017-09-05
Dear Prudence: The "Checking In" Edition 2017-09-05
Lexicon: Do Languages Simplify Over Time? 2017-09-05
Working: How Does the Writer of Batman Work? 2017-09-03
Trumpcast: A New Breed of Lobbyists 2017-09-02
Slate Money: The Rebuilding Edition 2017-09-02
Gist: Is Amazon a Monopoly? 2017-09-01
90 Seconds: The Church Lady and the President 2017-09-01
Trumpcast: Lessons For a Recovery 2017-09-01
Represent #58: Steven Universe’s Ian Jones-Quartey On His New Show, O.K. K.O.! 2017-09-01
Political: The “Après Moi, Le Déluge” Edition 2017-09-01

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