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Title Date published
Gist: Flags Tell Fibs 2017-10-19
Political: The "President Pence" Edition 2017-10-19
Sugar Mouth 2017-10-19
90 Seconds: Emolument Hotdogs and #FakeMelania 2017-10-19
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Poison Resentment Edition 2017-10-19
DoubleX Gabfest: The "Wire With Wigs" Edition 2017-10-19
Gist: Falling for the Gambler’s Fallacy 2017-10-18
Whistlestop: At the Heart of the President's Heart 2017-10-18
I Have to Ask: The Gabriel Sherman Edition 2017-10-18
90 Seconds: ‘I Guess It Hurts Anyway’ 2017-10-18
Culture Gabfest: Priceless Moments Edition 2017-10-18
Gist: The Stupid Genius of Dexter Guff 2017-10-18
Trumpcast: Impunity for Men Like Trump 2017-10-18
Represent: Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood’s “Open Secret” Culture 2017-10-17
SPONSORED CONTENT: What To Do With The Money - Velma Davis & Kenya Davis Hayes 2017-10-17
Dear Prudence: The “Rich Girl” Edition 2017-10-17
90 Seconds: McCain’s Revenge 2017-10-17
Lexicon: Whence Baby Mama? 2017-10-17
Gist: Sarah Kliff on the Big Questions 2017-10-17
Hang Up: The How Many Altuves Edition 2017-10-16

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