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Title Date published
DoubleX Gabfest: The Woke Men Versus Harassers Edition 2017-11-02
I Have to Ask: The Ron Chernow Edition 2017-11-02
Gist: Talk Like a Pirate (Party) Day 2017-11-02
90 Seconds: American ‘Beauty’ 2017-11-01
Culture Gabfest: Tiny Frozen Shrimp Edition 2017-11-01
Gist: Putting Dr. Seuss on the Couch 2017-11-01
Trumpcast: A Long, Slow Revenge 2017-10-31
ABC: What Happened by Hillary Clinton 2017-10-31
Dear Prudence: The “Friend of the Devil” Edition 2017-10-31
90 Seconds: Russian Tea Leaves 2017-10-31
Lexicon: Against Strunk & White 2017-10-31
Reconstruction | E1 | Experiments in Land Owning 2017-10-31
Trumpcast: Bob Mueller's Opening Salvo [UPDATED] 2017-10-31
Gist: Scared to Death? 2017-10-30
Hang Up: The Juiced, Slick, and Out of the Park Edition 2017-10-30
90 Seconds: Indictments! 2017-10-30
Hit Parade: Le Petty Prince Edition 2017-10-30
Trumpcast Book Club: The Handmaid's Tale 2017-10-28
Slate Money: The Tiran and Sanafir Edition 2017-10-28
Gist: Sen. Cory Booker Has a Message for Pot Smokers 2017-10-27

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