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Title Date published
Represent: #20: Better Things' Pamela Adlon 2016-12-09
Gist: Getting Held Back in Racial Justice Class 2016-12-08
Political: The “Cling Tightly to One Tiny Piece of Good News” Edition 2016-12-08
Trumpcast: The Good Fight 2016-12-08
90 Seconds: The Giraffes Are Missing 2016-12-08
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Unexpected Loss Edition 2016-12-08
Gist: Boeing, Get Off My Plane! 2016-12-07
90 Seconds: Revanche is a Dish Best Served Cold 2016-12-07
Culture Gabfest: Low End Theory Edition 2016-12-07
Gist: It’s Much Bigger Than O.J. 2016-12-07
Dear Prudence: Live! 2016-12-06
90 Seconds: Electors Unbound 2016-12-06
Trumpcast: The Brilliance of the Carrier Deal 2016-12-06
Hang Up: The Japan's Babe Ruth Edition 2016-12-06
Gist: The Blueprint for Trumpcare 2016-12-05
Working: The "How Does an Imam Work?" Edition 2016-12-05
90 Seconds With Slate: Remember Gitmo? 2016-12-05
Placemakers: The Quest to Make the Perfect Place 2016-12-05
Slate Money: The Munchkin Edition 2016-12-03
Gist: The Chaos Doctrine 2016-12-02

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