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Title Date published
Political: The “Everyone Listens to Women When They Speak Around Here” Edition 2017-09-28
Studio 360 | Does Laughter Yoga Work? 2017-09-28
Parental Obsolescence Edition 2017-09-28
90 Seconds: Trump’s Self-Serving Tax Plan 2017-09-28
I Have to Ask: The David Remnick Edition (Part 2) 2017-09-28
Gist: It’s Time to Rethink Puerto Rico 2017-09-27
Trumpcast: The Fine Points of Impeachment 2017-09-27
90 Seconds: A Humanitarian Crisis on U.S. Soil 2017-09-27
The Good Fight: Nicholas Casey 2017-09-27
Allegory! Edition 2017-09-27
ABC: Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney 2017-09-26
Dear Prudence: The "Hot Mess" Edition 2017-09-26
90 Seconds: Graham-Cassidy's Timely Death 2017-09-26
Trumpcast Live From the Texas Tribune Festival 2017-09-26
Gist: David Litt is D.C. Funny 2017-09-25
Hang Up: The U Bum Edition 2017-09-25
90 Seconds: NFL Counterprogramming 2017-09-25
Slate Voice: "The Tricky Path to Employment Is Trickier When You’re Autistic" 2017-09-25
Working: How Does the Letterer of Batman Work? 2017-09-24
Slate Money: The Anna's Air Quotes Edition 2017-09-23

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