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Title Date published
Dear Prudence: The "Sunk Cost" Edition 2017-09-19
90 Seconds: Robert Mueller’s Shock-and-Awe Style 2017-09-19
Lexicon: From Pidgins to Creoles 2017-09-19
Gist: Was Booger Really A Nerd? 2017-09-19
Hang Up: The Ninja Doppelgänger Edition 2017-09-18
90 Seconds: The Mustachioed Lawyer and Rumors of Wires 2017-09-18
Working: How Does the Inker of Batman Work? 2017-09-17
Slate Voice: "Could Father Mychal Judge Be the First Gay Saint?" 2017-09-16
Trumpcast: Becoming the Opposition 2017-09-16
Slate Money: The Homicidal Sexbots Edition 2017-09-16
Amicus: Gerrymandering Goes Back to Court 2017-09-16
Gist: Ted Leo’s Hanged-Man Wisdom 2017-09-15
90 Seconds: A Trio of Trumpian Anecdotes 2017-09-15
Represent #60: Big Freedia Comes To Slay 2017-09-15
Gist: Which Type Are You? 2017-09-15
Trumpcast: If You're Concerned and You Know It, Just Impeach 2017-09-15
Studio 360 | Learning to Love “Fuller House” 2017-09-14
Political: The "What Happened” Edition 2017-09-14
90 Seconds: When a Deal Isn't One 2017-09-14
I Have to Ask: Ayobami Adebayo 2017-09-14

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