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Title Date published
Gist: The Paradox of Shaving 2017-01-05
Political: The “It Still Seems Pretty Swampy To Me” Edition 2017-01-05
90 Seconds: Peanut Babies Edition 2017-01-05
Trumpcast: NPD - A Revisit 2017-01-05
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: The Hardest Age Edition 2017-01-05
Gist: Mara Wilson’s Post–Child Star Life 2017-01-04
90 Seconds: Not Here to Make Friends 2017-01-04
Gist: Ralph Nader’s Animal Instincts 2017-01-04
Culture Gabfest: Samba and Tapas Edition 2017-01-04
Hang Up: The Triple-Double Entendre Edition 2017-01-03
The Moment - James Altucher: 1/3/17 2017-01-03
Dear Prudence: The “Insomnia” Edition 2017-01-03
90 Seconds: You Can Own a Town 2017-01-03
Slate Money: The Craft Beer Edition (Live) 2016-12-31
Gist: Bob Boilen: Tiny Desk, Big Effect 2016-12-31
90 Seconds: Play Money 2016-12-30
Represent: #23: 2016 in Review 2016-12-30
Gist: Good Grief 2016-12-29
Political: The "2016 Conundrum" Edition 2016-12-29
90 Seconds: Just the Fox, M'am 2016-12-29

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