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Title Date published
Political: The “If Only This Were A Movie And Not Our Lives” Edition 2017-07-27
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: The Return of the Dan Edition 2017-07-27
90 Seconds: Justin Trudeau Can't Be President, You Guys 2017-07-27
DoubleX Gabfest: The Sex Robots Are Coming Edition 2017-07-27
Trumpcast: Fascist Curious 2017-07-27
Whistlestop: Loyalty Tests and The Bridge of Death 2017-07-26
Slate Voice: "Why Young Men Might Be Playing Video Games Instead of Going to Work" 2017-07-26
Represent: The Represent Rose: Part 3 2017-07-26
90 Seconds: He's Modern Day Presidential 2017-07-26
Culture Gabfest: Apes, Pigs, and Comedians Edition 2017-07-26
Gist: Why Did Trump and Putin Meet in Secret? 2017-07-25
The Moment: Bomani Jones 7/25/17 2017-07-25
Dear Prudence: The "Radical Unfriendliness" Edition 2017-07-25
90 Seconds: The Chickens That Screwed Up Free Trade 2017-07-25
Lexicon: In the Negative 2017-07-25
Gist: A Kid in the Hall Tells All 2017-07-24
Trumpcast: Pardon Me, Mr. President. 2017-07-24
Hang Up: The Kyrie Irving and the Chamber of Secrets Edition 2017-07-24
Slate Voice: "The Killer Nurse" 2017-07-24
90 Seconds: Out With The Old, In With The New 2017-07-24

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