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Title Date published
Culture Gabfest: "Edwina, Bring Me the Anatomy Book" Edition 2017-07-06
Gist: Chris Christie’s Biggest Mistake 2017-07-05
Trumpcare Tracker: How the GOP Bill Will Harm the Disabled 2017-07-05
90 Seconds: That's a Big Rubber Duck 2017-07-05
Dear Prudence: The “Flowers in the Attic” Edition 2017-07-04
Conspiracy Thrillers | Blow Out (1981) 2017-07-04
Gist: The Incredible Eddie Izzard 2017-07-03
Hang Up: The Kaepernick of the Hardwood Edition 2017-07-03
Trumpcast: The Pence Shake Up and Republican Sentiments 2017-07-03
Working in Detroit: How Does an Automotive Battery Engineer Work? 2017-07-02
Hit Parade: The Imperial Elton and George Edition 2017-07-01
Trumpcast: How Does a Presidency End? 2017-07-01
Slate Money: The Methodologically Problematic Edition 2017-07-01
Trumpcare Tracker: Can Ted Cruz Break the Senate Logjam? 2017-06-30
Represent #49: Indie Filmmaker Nefertite Nguvu 2017-06-30
Gist: Writing Cop Fiction in the Age of Black Lives Matter 2017-06-29
Trumpcast: The Health Care Fight is A Civil Rights Fight 2017-06-29
Political: The “Mitch McConnell Really Does Have a Secret Plan” Edition 2017-06-29
90 Seconds: The Macron Who Would Be King 2017-06-29
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Aggressive Little Hugger Edition 2017-06-29

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