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Title Date published
90 Seconds with Slate: Pete's Dragon 2016-08-12
Trumpcast: The Lost World of White Christian America 2016-08-12
Gist: Should You Have Your Silver Medal Bronzed? 2016-08-11
Political: The "Many People Are Saying" Edition 2016-08-11
The United States of Debt | Ep. 4 | Drowning In Medical Debt 2016-08-11
Hang Up: Olympics Extra: The Don’t Swim Like a Terrestrial Mammal Edition 2016-08-11
The DoubleX Gabfest: Olympics Extravaganza Edition 2016-08-11
Gist: John Dickerson Has a Follow-Up. He’s Willing to Ask It Seven Times. 2016-08-10
Trumpcast: "Second Amendment People..." 2016-08-10
Hang Up Olympics Extra: The Final Five Edition 2016-08-10
90 Seconds with Slate: How Is Netflix's New Show Like a Parade Float? 2016-08-10
The Culture Gabfest: Live from The Mount Edition 2016-08-10
Dear Prudence: The “Self Indulgence vs. Self-Care” Edition 2016-08-09
Trumpcast: The Intervention (A Second City Special) 2016-08-09
Gist: Republicans Are Using Leeches to Cure Cancer 2016-08-09
Olympics Extra: The Brazil After the Games Edition 2016-08-09
Trumpcast: A Bunch of White Guys Named Steve 2016-08-09
Lexicon Valley: Should Shakespeare Get a Modern English Update? 2016-08-09
Hang Up: The Kids Don’t Tip Edition 2016-08-09
Gist: Playing the Spanish Card 2016-08-08

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