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Title Date published
Gist: Finally, a Pro-Kidnapping Film 2016-07-27
90 Seconds With Slate: Unelectable You 2016-07-27
The Culture Gabfest: Summer Strut 2016 Edition 2016-07-27
Whistlestop: Keep Your Attack Dog Fed 2016-07-27
Trumpcast: Bernie or Burn It Down (Live from Philadelphia) 2016-07-27
Gist: AM Spiel: Hillary, Humanized 2016-07-27
Gist: Optimum Optics 2016-07-26
Dear Prudence: The Unconditional Love Edition 2016-07-26
Lexicon Valley: Are Emoji a Language? 2016-07-26
The Moment - Mike Birbiglia: 7/26/16 2016-07-26
Gist: AM Spiel: DNC Quick & Dirty Dissection, Day 1 2016-07-26
Trumpcast: The Postmodern Manchurian Candidate 2016-07-26
Gist: Pity the Peckish Politician 2016-07-25
Hang Up: The Granny Shot Edition 2016-07-25
90 Seconds With Slate: Tim Kaine, Replacements Fan 2016-07-25
Working at the White House: Head Speechwriter Cody Keenan 2016-07-24
Money: The Big Data Edition 2016-07-23
Trumpcast: A Civic Obligation 2016-07-22
Gist: P.C. Policing the Border 2016-07-22
Represent: #1: Robert Townsend on his remarkable filmmaking career 2016-07-22

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