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Title Date published
Trumpcast: It's Hard to Defend the Indefensible 2016-10-05
90 Seconds with Slate: Walls Work 2016-10-05
Whistlestop: The Candor of Betty Ford 2016-10-05
Gist: Rapid Response, The VP Debate 2016-10-05
The Culture Gabfest: Darkness On The Edge Of Reason Edition 2016-10-05
Gist: Investigating Long Island’s Not-Deplorables 2016-10-04
The Moment - Richard Shindell: 10/4/16 2016-10-04
Dear Prudence: The "Boundaries" Edition 2016-10-04
90 Seconds with Slate: America Isn't Actually Going Downhill 2016-10-04
Lexicon: Billy and Me Went to the Store. Deal With It. 2016-10-04
Trumpcast: The Enabler 2016-10-04
Gist: How Bad Is the Trump Tax Leak? 2016-10-03
Working Beautifully: Makeup Artist Christin Michelle 2016-10-03
Placemakers: Placetaking: Squatting for House and Home 2016-10-03
Amicus: 2016 Term Preview 2016-10-01
Slate Money: The Down to Earth Edition 2016-10-01
Gist: Who Called Off the Pretension Police? 2016-09-30
Trumpcast: The Queen Has Rabies 2016-09-30
Represent: #11: "Spa Night" lead Joe Seo on being a working Asian American actor 2016-09-30
Gist: The Rules According to Malcolm Gladwell 2016-09-29

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